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LifeLab Workshop Tickets

LifeLab Workshop Tickets

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Life You Love Laboratory Workshops

BIGGBY COFFEE exists to support you in building a life you love and the Life You Love Laboratory Workshops have been developed to help you do exactly that!  We believe that if you want to build a life you love, you need to first have four foundational areas of life solidly in place: you need to be able to exceed your basic needs, to have a sense of personal vitality, to have a sense of belonging in life, and to know who you want to be in life.  These 6-to-8-week Workshops are designed to help people explore their own lives in these four areas and make positive change.



Capstone Credits

Upon completion of the Workshop, participants earn a $25 credit that they can use toward taking an additional Workshop or they can pay it forward to another friend or coworker to use!  Credits are good for a full year from the end of the Workshop where they were earned.



Benefits of Sending Teams to Workshops

There are big benefits to sending multiple team members through the same round of LifeLab Workshops—they are much more likely to talk about their experience when they know that others are participating, which will kick off a cultural conversation amongst your staff. They’ll learn, grow and share and all of that contributes directly to the morale of your staff and supports them in building lives they love. And, if you purchase 4 or more tickets to Workshops, you get them for $100 each rather than the standard price of $125!



The Ability to Exceed Your Basic Needs Workshop

If you’re going to build a life you love, it really, really helps to be past the point where you’re just getting by day-to-day with food, clothing, and shelter.  This highly-individualized course will provide you with the opportunity to look beyond your current day-to-day reality and to craft a vision of your financial future, make concrete plans, and take action!


This 6-week course meets via Zoom once a week for an hour and the coursework amounts to an average of 50 minutes of work per week


This course is designed to offer support for people struggling with debt, people interested in building their savings, setting aside money for emergencies or college, buying a home, and growing their wealth beyond their paychecks.  Participants will do activities that will help them to understand their financial fitness, do some visioning for their financial future, explore their relationship to money, and more.


Discovering Your Personal Vitality Workshop

How a person feels about their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality is more important than any objective measure of it.  No matter where you’re starting from, this course will help you learn about ways to invest in yourself in these important areas. 


This 6-week workshop meets every week for an hour and the coursework amounts to about 45 additional minutes per week.


This course uses Julia Scalise’s Do One Thing – Feel Better/Live Better along with a variety of other activities such as watching TED talk videos (and the like), listening to podcasts, reading articles online, and sharing reactions to specific parts of that content.  The activities will help participants to take inventory of their personal vitality and give them concrete ideas for how to make change.


You can find Do One Thing – Feel Better/Live Better  on Amazon, or at your favorite local bookseller


Sense of Belonging Workshop

Human beings are social animals.  How you feel about your place in the communities you are a part of is a critical part of your emotional well-being.  This Workshop could be important for you, in your life, if you feel like you can’t be yourself with your family, or friends, or coworkers, or in some other community AND/OR you can’t be vulnerable or be responsibly honest with them AND/OR you’re not valued by them.


This 8-week course meets via Zoom every week for an hour and the coursework amounts to roughly 45 minutes of work per week.


Participants will use a wide variety of online resources for this course including videos like TED talks, articles, and blogs, and then share their reactions to them via group chat and during the workshop meetings.


Knowing Who You Want To Be Workshop

Do you have a vision for how you want to live your life?  Do you know how you want to be with the other people in your life?  Are you easily able to state your personal core values?  Do you know what your life is building toward?  This workshop will help you answer all of those questions for yourself and will provide you with tools to help you to realize your dreams.  


This 8-week workshop meets once a week for an hour and the coursework amounts to about 60 minutes of additional work per week.


Workshop participants will answer questions and share out of the BIGGBY COFFEE-developed Moonshot Guidebook, read and discuss Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass, as well as doing other activities that will bring the group together and help the participants further develop their vision for their life.


You can find the Moonshot Guidebook here! 


You can find You Are a Badass here  or at your favorite local bookseller!