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Knowing Who You Want to Be

Knowing Who You Want to Be

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Knowing Who You Want To Be


Do you have a vision for how you want to live your life?  Do you know how you want to be with the other people in your life?  Are you easily able to state your personal core values?  Do you know what your life is building toward?  This workshop will help you answer all of those questions for yourself and will provide you with tools to help you to realize your dreams.  



  • This 8-week workshop meets once a week for an hour.
  • Workshop participants will answer questions and share out of the BIGGBY COFFEE-developed Moonshot Guidebook, read and discuss Jen Sincero‚Äôs You Are a Badass, as well as doing other activities that will bring the group together and help the participants further develop their vision for their life.
  • You can find the Moonshot Guidebook here! 
  • You can find You Are a Badass here  or at your favorite local bookseller!