Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

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Tasting Notes: Robust citrusy bergamot accentuated with creamy vanilla flavor


INGREDIENTS: Black Tea*, Vanilla Extract*, Organic Flavors*, Bergamot Oil*, (*)=Organic Certified.



Description: Vanilla cream blends seamlessly with classic Earl Grey organic black tea to create a delectable flavor delight. Handpicked from among highest grades of organic Indian black tea, Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea is blended with fragrant bergamot, citrusy orange peel, and a silky vanilla cream to create a delicate fusion of flavor.  Inspired by our love of Star Trek, we affectionately refer to this tea as the "beam me up Earl Grey".  Just envision Captain Picard ordering "Earl Grey hot" from the replicator and sipping it in style.


Caffeine: 70+ mg