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*ON SALE* Vanilla Rooibos Organic Rooibos Tea

*ON SALE* Vanilla Rooibos Organic Rooibos Tea

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Tasting Notes:  Slightly sweet and creamy with hints of vanilla and warm cinnamon
Velvety smooth and full of creamy vanilla flavor, Vanilla Rooibos Organic Green Tea is the perfect blend of sweet and spice ~ warm and comforting.   Packed with antioxidants, this is an abundantly healthy choice for a multitude of health benefits.
Ingredients:  Rooibos, cinnamon, vanilla flavor, vanilla extract, vanilla essential oils, calendula (all ingredients certified organic)


 Caffeine 0 mg    Brewing 205 °F / 5 min   Origin  Worldwide
Characteristics: • Entirely caffeine free • Infusion made from any edible plant • Tisanes – not tea leaves – spices, flowers, fruits and herbs • Calming  • Flavorful