Hot Spicy Cinnamon Organic Black Tea

Hot Spicy Cinnamon Organic Black Tea

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Tasting Notes:  Bold black tea infused with aromatic spicy cinnamon delivering the perfect combination of spicy sweetness in every cup. 
Master blend of the highest-quality Assam, Ceylon and Chinese organic black teas with distinctive flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel to deliver a rare combination of spice and sweet.  You won’t believe that there is no added sweetener.  
Ingredients:  Black tea, cinnamon, organic flavors, nutmeg, orange peel (all ingredients certified organic)


Caffeine  75mg   Brewing 205 °F/ 3 min Origin  India, Sri Lanka, China 

Characteristics: • Bold    • Invigorating   • Energizing   • Comforting   • Rich